Ooh.. hello there!

It seems I have found myself on your webpage display. I'm Whizzy! The glorp gleepo! The longer I spend here in code, studying it, the more alien it seems to me. There are many more websites than what I theorised, and I'm excited to see what new URLs cross my path!
I've been studying the world wide web from my home, though I knew I wasn't getting the full experience - syntaxes, heximals, web archives...
One fateful day, after what must've been my 1000th dream of being what you must call a "mouse cursor", I gathered up the courage to travel here - to visit the websites I could only see from afar.
I have made myself a little home after researching something called "HTML" and its sister "CSS". Additionally, I have yet to discover the elusive language of legend called "javascript". I've always wondered if it was real...

Here on this webpage called "Whizzy's Webtopia" (which I have named after myself!, I will be showcasing my discoveries for others to see, and hopefully find as useful data.
I can't wait to return home and share everything with my friends!


Website under construction

Hi visitor, I am Nybbles, self-designated assistant to Whizzy. I am helping Whizzy out on their journey. This website is not yet complete, buttons may not work. My primary concern is indecisiveness about the fonts... however Whizzy likes every new font they see. Current objective: I hope I can find Whizzy's new favourite font!

This website is intended to be a collection of discovered websites for others to see. You can find the main portal if you click the Cyber Safari button.